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Social Media Distractions

My friend has an amazingly supportive husband, great kids, a successful job, but she wants that sense of fulfillment that comes from the creative pursuit. She wanted it. She was prepared for it. She was supported in it (her husband had set their basement up as her writing cave complete with computer, printer, writing software, and a DOOR! I don’t have a DOOR! He had even purchased her domain name for her!)

This is when she leans in and lowers her voice, her lips part, and out comes the dirty writer confession.

“I’m not writing.”

I lean back, nod my head, and take a sip of coffee. “Mm hmm.” Oh yes, now we get to it. She would go to her writing abode, all ready, completely determined, but not a word would hit that page. Yes, I am all too familiar with this particular scenario–guilty as charged. This is the perfect example of when Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, and Blogger are not your friends.

Or course, there are PLENTY of other writerly distractions online–PLEN TY.

Because, let’s be honest, if you are pursuing the goal of writing for publication, there is a certain amount of attention seeking we are all motivated by–attention for our work, and for our identities as writers. Why on earth do you suppose social media, that demon that distracts us FROM THE ACTUAL WRITING (sorry, that’s my issue, it may not be your personal hangup) is so rampant in the writing community? Because we are all secretly extroverts dying from the isolation of the writing life? I don’t think so. It’s because if someone comments on our blogs or Facebook post or Retweets our 140 characters–we get a little taste of that larger pie we’re really after.

Positive response (hell ANY response) to our words. Social media has a faster reward schedule than the publishing industry. Then again, conception, prenatal development and birth also, on average, have a much faster turn around on your investment

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