The highly anticipated final book in the Ascendant Trilogy by award winning author, Rebecca Taylor

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The highly anticipated final book in the Ascendant Trilogy by award winning author, Rebecca Taylor

Charlotte barely escaped Emerick’s underground Paris compound with her life and her friends, but to do it, it cost her the puzzle and the keys—her only hope of ever freeing her mother from Lilith’s possession.

Back at Gaersum Aern, Charlotte has only one advantage left—she alone knows the true location of the next key. She sets out once again on her international quest to fulfill her duty as the new Ascendant, but if she is going to save herself and those she loves, she needs to stay one step ahead of the most powerful, and dangerous, man on the planet—Britain’s new Prime Minister, Emerick Wriothesley.

Praise for Ascendant

“An emotionally robust, intellectually vibrant start to a new trilogy.” –Kirkus Reviews

“I’m surprisingly dumbstruck by this brilliant story.” –Amazon Reviewer

“Wow, what a page turner! This book really sucked me in.” –Amazon Reviewer

“I hid the book so I could finish reading it…didn’t want to put it down.”–Amazon Reviewer

Praise for Midheaven

“Rebecca Taylor truly has a refreshing gift for creative writing.” –Amazon Reviewer

“A great follow up to the first book! Super suspenseful and filled with anticipation.” –Amazon Reviewer

“Loved this! Can’t wait to read the next one!” –Amazon Reviewer

Series: Ascendant Trilogy
Genre: Young Adult
Publisher: Ophelia House
Publication Year: 2018
Length: Novel
ISBN: 9780979735349
List Price: 13.99
eBook Price: 8.99
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