At The Last Bookstore in LA

I have had the last four and a half days off from my day job, and today I even had the entire house to myself–which almost never happens it seems. Needless to say, I’m feeling very relaxed and centered and like I’ve been able to actually commune with my own brain.

Always a lovely gift.

It’s hard to believe that the summer is coming to a close. This one sped by in what felt like record time. That always happens where there are a few different trips spread across the weeks. The days are still blazing hot, but the nights are getting cooler and cooler–which I love. Yesterday my son was watching a show, and the setting shifted from a scorched desert landscape to a remote cabin surrounded in snow.

My reaction to the sight was visceral–so I guess I’m officially looking forward to the cooler fall temperatures.

Another contributing factor to the fast summer was probably that I was working on completing the larger edits for Her Perfect Life. I just received the copy edits back and now have until September 13th to get those turned around.

I know for everyone else, June 2, 2020 probably feels very far away. But as I experience each milestone of this publishing process, I see how quickly the next ten months are going to go.

We’ve just recently received responses to some of the author blurb requests that we made. I’m so grateful to every single author that has been so generous with their time and their kind words after finishing Her Perfect Life.

Next up with be the actual paperback advance reading copies (ARCs) that will be printing at the end of October! It’s practically around the corner

A Whirl of a Summer
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