Working on copy edits and it’s pretty messy in here…don’t judge

I have a few celebrations this week.

But before I get to that: For those of you that follow me on social media–in this picture you can see my giant bulletin board that I covered in fabric a few weeks ago being put to proper use. The thing weighs an absolute ton and was hard to hang by myself–and yet I did! And it’s 100% level! Is there anything worse than uneven shit on your walls??


First good news: I’m nearly done going through the copy edits for Her Perfect Life. Most readers probably don’t have any idea how many times an author goes through the book, at various stages of the editing process, before it’s a final-final copy.

I can tell you, right now it feels like I’ve read this book fifty times!

But with every pass, we get closer and closer–I can hardly wait to hold the advance reader copies in my hands in just a few months!

Second good news: Blurbs from other authors have started to come in. These are the complementary lines from other established authors that adorn the covers and inside pages of the book.

And I now have two from New York Times Bestselling authors!!

When I read that they would be reading the book, I was thrilled. But when I read the praise they sent in to my publisher, I may have cried…just a little bit.

I asked my agent for their addresses and sent them both a thank you bottle of wine. Which, by the way, if you haven’t ever used to send gifts, you may want to check out.

Other than that, I’m getting ready to head out for the Women’s Fiction Writers Retreat down in Albuquerque next week as well as working with my WFWA mentee and reading through some of her work (which is so good!)

Did I mention I also spend my days at my full time job…

Yeah, it’s a little hectic around here.

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