For this book’s launch, there have been several very cool opportunities that have happened for The Secret Next Door. One of which was when Apple Books selected The Secret Next Door as one of their Best Books for November! When my publicist emailed me the news I practically fell on the floor. I’m so grateful for this amazing opportunity. Thank you Apple Books for noticing and recognizing my latest title. Here is the link to the full list and you can find the Apple Books Review of The Secret Next Door below (they compare it to Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty!!)

Apple Books Review:


The Secret Next Door: 

Appearances can be deceiving in Rebecca Taylor’s eerie domestic thriller. Alyson is elated when she and her family first move into an exclusive Denver suburb, but the perfect façade quickly unravels. As the town rumbles over the development of a nearby golf facility and a 13-year-old boy turns up tragically (and suspiciously) dead, skeletons start tumbling out of the elite subdivision’s walk-in closets. We love how relatable and down-to-earth Alyson is as she fumbles her way through the infighting and panic that envelop the town. Taylor draws us into her heroine’s burgeoning friendships (and rivalries) with her new neighbors, especially with wannabe state senator Bonnie and friendly gossip Gabby. If you loved the engrossing, suspenseful feel of Big Little Lies, this showstopping suburban mystery’s for you.

Apple Best Books List for November: THE SECRET NEXT DOOR!

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