It’s been a week since I got back from my vacation in Cancun and I still seem to be mostly roaming around my house looking for some sense of a schedule.

What is it about these disruptions to daily routines that are so hard to bounce back from? Not that I don’t love vacationing and travel in general, because I do. But being a creature that loves her habits and spaces, a week in a foreign country, flight cancellations, and disruptive digestive tracts are sure going to take me a minute to move on from.

A little bit about our trip. We had a great time…mostly. I will say that this particular resort, Moon Palace, came HIGHLY recommended by one of Rod’s co-workers. They, apparently, go there all the time. So, even though I NEVER do this, I went ahead and booked this trip without a ton of research.

Well. The resort was lovely. The rooms were nice with a great view. Although that was only after begging to be moved from our original ground floor room with a view of the laundry while sliding the registration clerk a little extra cash. The food was decent (which, apparently can’t always be said for an all-inclusive) and the drinks (also included) were great and plentiful so long as you kept tipping which I’m more than happy to do, honestly. The service was wonderful! The highlight was the pool, which was for sure gorgeous, well maintained, and EXTENSIVE. Seriously, that thing seemed to go on for miles.

So this sounds mostly pretty great, right? What was the problem?

The ocean was completely overrun with seaweed. And I don’t mean, wow, there is quite a lot of seaweed on the beach and in the water, and it’s slightly annoying but I can still SEE the water and SWIM in the water. No. I mean the ocean WAS seaweed. Completely brown. Foul-smelling. Reminiscent of sewage and you instinctively don’t want to go ANYWHERE near it. Not a single person in this huge resort was either on the beach or anywhere near the water. When we first arrived we were like, “What is that horrible smell?” Well, that rotten egg, slightly sulfur smell is what rotting seaweed smells like, apparently. I will say that at least it only smelled bad the day we arrived and the day we left. I have no idea what combination of weather, temperatures, and winds collaborated to make our vacation not 100% stinky, but I am thankful for it.

We did have one wonderful day at a beach further north where there is active surf, you could see those famous crystal turquoise waters, and loads of people were in the water and enjoying the beach. But we needed to take a 25-minute cab ride to get there.

Now before you think we had a horrible vacation, I will say that once our expectations were adjusted (this is not a beach vacation, it is a pool and resort vacation) we ended up having a good time. Not amazing. Good. If you head over to my Instagram account you can even see some of our pictures.

I will say that will be the last time I ever book a vacation again based solely on a recommendation. Because that seaweed issue would have been a no-go for these beach lovers, for sure, and Trip Advisor had loads of information about it.

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