As I knew would happen, I ended up having a wonderful time catching up with my writer friend, her husband (also a writer), and one of their very good friends and critique partners.

It is almost always invigorating to hang out with other writers. There are just certain aspects of your VERY BEING that are not easy to convey in words–and I often find I don’t have to with other writers.

We simply get each other.

This is an integral component of “finding one’s tribe” I believe. It’s like coming home for those of us that spend such lengthy time in pursuit of a profession that requires us to spend a great deal of time alone.

Not that most writers don’t PREFER to be alone most of the time.

But we’re still, mostly, human after all. It’s good when we can find each other in the world.

There’s a conversation we had (myself, my friend, her husband, their friend) that I’ve been thinking about it since Saturday. We got onto talking about the Big Personalities of the world.

You know, the ones you can’t help but slow down to watch on the social media freeway. We each had a few names, and some of us confessed that we really enjoyed watching these larger than life lives play out on our screens.

We all know some of these Big Personalities in our real lives. Sometimes they have reputations for sheer talent, sometimes for bad behavior, and sometimes because they live their lives out loud with a wild abandon and utter disregard for the more banal social mores that keep most of us safely ensconced in sensible shoes.

With the exception of Big Personalities that harm others, I kinda love that these people exist in the world. These people that go big, go home, and then share all their escapades with us.

It reminds me: you only get to live this particular life one time…why the hell would you ever waste even one day of it trying to fit in?

Big Personalities
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