One of my small pleasures is scrolling through Instagram and drooling over other people’s workspaces.

Why? Because seriously, what a weird thing.

For me, it’s deskinspo. Perfectly laid out creative space. Clear and organized and color-coordinated and well lit.

I imagine this is probably not dissimilar to people who scroll through Instagram and get hung up on practically any variable of “perfect”:

bodies, faces, clothes, cars, lifestyle, kitchens, food, etc, etc.

Mine just happens to be desks and their surrounding areas.

And just like how some are looking for inspiration (or let’s be honest, self-shame) because their personal reality is far-flung from these perfect picture ideals, I too dream of what life might be like to step into the frame of a feng-shuied office.

Because my reality is usually more:

Pens, dirty coffee cups, scraps of sticky notes, fidgets…it’s a mess.

I do try to clean it up every few days, but disaster generally moves back in within a few hours.

And yet, I still manage to get work done amongst all this chaos.

So if you’re like me and it feels impossible to keep your workspace tidy and Instagram ready, I’m here to tell you you’re not alone.

Now I think about it, maybe we slobs actually get more done this way?

Then again, maybe I just like to rationalize my poor office habits.

Don’t Feel Bad If You’re a Workspace Slob
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