Do you ever start off doing one simple thing that then becomes an epic quest you never intended to start?

Yesterday, facing an email account with over 18,000 emails (mostly unread junk) I decided to start unsubscribing my account from a few retailers.

Which led to searching for and deleting those emails.

Which led to more unsubscribing.

Which led to more searching and deleting.

Which led to a laser focus and the need to complete this task in its entirety before I could ever sleep again.

This morning, I woke up to four new emails–FOUR! Usually, there are at least thirty just to get the day started, and those are followed by a steady stream of noise, noise, noise pinging me all day long.

So this morning, I unsubscribed from one, read one, and deleted the other two. And for the rest of today, and every day from now on, I want to avoid ever having so much junk in my email ever again.

It feels good to have a tidy email box. Like having a tidy house.

And it’s also got me thinking about contributing to the noise in other people’s mailboxes. I’m not saying I’ll never send another newsletter again–I am trying to sell some books here, after all.

But I think I’d like it to be a rare occurrence. Only when something is really, really going on around here. Like a book releasing into the world.

I didn’t realize how much the digital garbage had piled up or how much that clutter was impacting my physical energy until I got rid of it.

They’re just emails–but every one of them was competing for my time and attention, forcing me to wade through them for information and messages that I truly need.

Maybe it sounds silly, but it actually feels amazing to have it cleaned up.

Email Purge
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