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Finish Your Book


Are you a paralyzing perfectionist? I recently had an amazing bookish conversation with a writer I very much admire and was reminded of just how horrifying perfectionism can be.

Now don’t get me wrong, a good dose of repeatedly going over our prose has its purpose. In fact, had I been a bit more of a “perfectionist” instead of an “I’m sure everything is just fine” kind of person, I would probably not be trying to remedy the particularly vexing situation in which I currently find myself (more on this in a later post.)

Yes, being perfect has its place!

When you’ve FINISHED your first draft.

IMHO, the first draft is no place to be looking backwards and fixing mistakes. If you start looking back, you may find yourself mired in the weeds of typos and passive verbs forever!

For me, I write the whole thing first. Beginning to glorious “The End”

Only then can I go back and make it better.

Keep Moving Forward! There’s no other way to finish.

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