Brunch at Perfect Landing with Kristi Helvig, Rebecca Taylor, and Shawn McGuire. Not pictured, A.G. Henley (who moved and is greatly missed!)

Between sitting around my fire pit and watching the full harvest moon rise on Friday night, and brunch with two of my favorite writing gal-pals on Sunday–I had a wonderful weekend!

I feel so fortunate to have made long lasting connections with other women in the writing community. Getting together with them on a regular basis does wonders for staying sane, motivated, and above all else, positive about this oftentimes crazy business of book writing and publishing.

When it comes to our writing careers, we have bounced pretty much everything and anything off each other. From book concepts, to ideas for marketing, cover copy, cover designs, writing resources we’ve come across–you name it. There probably isn’t a single topic we haven’t tackled at one of our regular Sunday brunches.

But by far I feel the greatest benefit, at least from my perspective, has been the genuine support and friendship we have for one another. Any rough patch, day, or season–all it takes is one email and we rally.

Great Friends
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