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H is for Having Enough Time

Thomas Leuthard / / CC BY
H is for Having Enough Time

Because I usually don’t.

11 Responses to H is for Having Enough Time

  1. Kate says:

    I usually have enough time, I just end up wasting it!

  2. Julie Luek says:

    Ha! Isn’t that the truth. That’s when it’s time to prioritize and I usually have to make cuts in areas that I really don’t want to!

  3. Bill Somogyi says:

    I make it! Seriously! It was pretty easy for me to do. Stop being everything to everyone and start thinking about myself.

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  4. Right there with you- never enough time!!

  5. Time management is hard when there are blog posts to write and blogs to visit!

  6. Lynn Proctor says:

    great point–but ya know sometimes when i have the most to do, i feel i manage my time the best!

  7. Blog hopping and enjoying some fellow bloggers. There’s never enough time, is there?