Yesterday we had our first Skype based IEP meeting and, after only a couple glitches: a dropped connection, incessant barking dog, not yet being fluent on how to share a document from your own screen–it went really well. Considering. More importantly, it was really great to see my co-worker’s faces. To know that they are doing well, are healthy, and that we’re pulling it together under these very different circumstances.

I didn’t end up getting over to see my grandfather and meet some of the other members of his hospice team like I had planned. My aunt called me and said that they had arrived early (while I was still in my meeting) and had just left. His nurse case manager had advised earlier in the week that my aunt limit visitors to only those that have been self-quarantined and symptom free for at least five days–I don’t qualify. But my aunt did send me the social worker’s number so I could call and ask my questions. Mainly I’d like to learn more about what resources might be available for my grandmother with dementia. Some good news, my grandfather was able to get out of bed yesterday and spend some time upstairs on the main floor with grandma, my aunt, and her husband.

I didn’t get as much written yesterday as I would have liked. The day was spent doing mostly job related things–today might end up being much the same. But we’ll see how much I can get done after I write and post this. One thing: so many of my fellow 2020 debut authors have had events and book signings cancelled due to our current circumstances. Everyone is scrambling to try to find ways to connect with readers online and still bring awareness to their titles without being able to have signings. I have offered to host some of the 2020 debut authors here on my blog. So far seventeen have raised their hands and said they’d like me to either do a feature on their book and/or a short author interview. So that will be happening here over the coming months in an attempt to support them as much as I can beyond buying their books myself. I’m really looking forward to doing this!

As for Beth and Matthew, they have been sticking close to the house, staying up late, waking up late, and pretty much doing their best to keep themselves entertained. Nothing with roll out with regards to online school until April 1, so they have time to revel in this state of nearly zero responsibility. We got gobs of snow yesterday and they both went outside to make a snowman in the front yard. Which filled my heart with warmth and joy and made me remember back when they were little and we would spend hours together out behind our house sledding, building lopsided igloos, and misshapen snowmen. My heart was nearly full to bursting from these, now idyllic and not completely accurate, memories when both my teens came running up to the front door and shouted at me to come see their creation. So I shoved on some boots and went outside.

At the very front of my yard, right next to the mailbox, they had constructed a snowman with a wide grin, a lopsided and upside down sun-visor, who was holding an empty beer bottle and smoking a fat joint–WITH the end burnt, you know, for authenticity.

He’s still sitting out there this morning, having a great substance induced time while I worry about what sort of message this is sending and what the neighbors will think as they walk their dogs and take their own, still innocent, young children out to make appropriate snowmen.

I DID manage to take his keys–so at least he won’t be a hazard to anyone on the roads!

Inappropriate Snowman
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