It’s early, so you get a picture of my fancy feet. Everything else is still waking up.

Status: Silly happy that it’s Friday

One of the really frightening things about being back at work now is HOW FAST the days and weeks are zooming by.

It dawned on me about ten minutes ago that it’s September 6th today–7 short days until my review of the copyedited manuscript for Her Perfect Life is due back to my editor.

What??!! How did that happen? Where did the last week slip away to?

It disappeared into countless meetings and stacks of paperwork that have nothing what-so-ever to do with my writing life. I realize that maybe sounds a little grumpy, but I’m actually not. Just slightly terrified at the prospect of keeping ALL the plates in the air…you know?

Going through these copyedits–this is my FINAL opportunity to make any changes before it goes to the printer for the advance reading copies.

There is a slight pressure I’m experiencing…it’s taken up residence right around my solar plexus.

So obviously this weekend will be spent working on copyedits. BUT as I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ll also be sneaking down to the Colorado Gold Conference to have a catch-up-cocktail with one of my writer friends.

And I’m so excited to see her!

You know those friends that you maybe only see every 6-12 months, but as soon as you sit down together it’s like no time passed?? Yeah…this is that. Plus she is hilarious and super smart and basically tons of fun to hang out with.

So that will be my Saturday evening, but other than that I will be chained to my laptop for the weekend.

And grateful for the opportunity to spend my time working on something I love.

It’s Friiiiiday
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2 thoughts on “It’s Friiiiiday

  • September 6, 2019 at 7:57 AM

    Happy Friday, Becky! I’ve been enjoying your blog posts this week 🙂 I just finished copyedits (we really are basically on the exact same schedule, lol), and there is sooo much pressure knowing nothing except typos can be changed after that point. BUT you’ve got this! Can’t wait to read your book when it comes out, and hope you have a blast Saturday night!!

  • September 6, 2019 at 8:22 AM

    Thank you for coming to visit me! Yes, so weird that as I’ve moved through all the editing phases I’ve felt more and more confident. Now, when there is going to be no more opportunity to make changes, I’m suddenly all second guessy. It’s so awesome though to have this group of other 2020 release authors, like yourself, that are all in the same boat together.

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