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K is for [K]over reveal–ASCENDANT Crescent Moon Press

Okay, so that’s just plain cheating. But, my cover just came out today and I HAVE to share because I LOVES it. I will be posting more about my release as we get closer (JUNE!!) but I want you to see this gorgeousness right now! I’m so lucky–truly.

8 Responses to K is for [K]over reveal–ASCENDANT Crescent Moon Press

  1. Nice!! 🙂 Congratulations!

  2. Kate says:

    It’s not cheating! It’s EXCITING! And what a cool cover it is…

  3. elouisebates says:

    Stunning! How exciting for you!

  4. LynnRush says:

    LOVE this cover!!!

  5. kmckendry says:

    Oh that’s beautiful! Congratulations.

  6. That’s gorgeous!

  7. That’s gorgeous!