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Pictures of Me Camping (or) Writing in the Wild!

For the last five days I’ve been hiding in a tent, one of my favorite places to go when getting away from the computer and all its many, many distractions is required. This time, the family and I were down at Lake Pueblo where we camped, fished, hiked, water skied and swam, swam, swam. 
You might be wondering: Rebecca, with no computer and two books to write, how could you dare go hide in the wilderness?
To which I reply, “Ah, the wonders of pencil and paper.”

Matthew in front of our home away from home
My daughter trying to give me a heart attack
A rare sighting of siblings getting along in the wild

Me cooling off in the lake–100 degrees all around me, water felt amazing

One of the quiet coves we swam in

Me and Beth, long arm self photo

Matthew, Beth and Rod–I’m treading water taking the picture, damn I’m good

Yes, he did jump. Also, in another part of the lake we saw crazy people jumping 100++ feet off cliffs into the water.

Yes, writing happened. Sometimes it happened here.

Other times, it happened here.

16 Responses to Pictures of Me Camping (or) Writing in the Wild!

  1. Shawna says:

    Great pics!

    You can follow me on twitter @sromkey
    on Facebook
    and my site/blog


  2. Louise Bates says:

    Looks beautiful! I’ve never been much of a camping person, but Carl and I have been thinking lately that now that our girls are a bit older (no more diapers!), we might have to try it sometime.

    • I LOVE camping! We’ve taken the kids ever since they were babies but my husband and I also did it a ton before they were born, so there wasn’t much of a learning curve. It is certainly easier without the diapers, that much I will say. Also, if you do decide to go, I love “rough camping” (i.e., no electric, water, toilets, etc, etc) but with young kids, we go to places, like state parks, that have all the amenities plus playgrounds. That way there are almost always other kids to play with and no whining, “I’m bored!!” Also, take their bikes!

  3. LynnRush says:

    Great pictures! How fun. I’m trying my hand at camping coming up with the bike ride across Iowa called Ragbrai! Biking about 60 miles per day, then tenting it at night. YIKES!! It’s nice to get to know you better, welcome to CMP. 🙂

    Lynn Rush
    Twitter: @LynnRush
    Facebook: LynnRushWrites

  4. like a great trip. Love the pics. Jody A Kessler
    I’m also on FB, Loo

  5. Hey Jody! Yes, we had tons of fun.

  6. Hi, Rebecca. Your camping trip looks amazing. Wish I was there. And not at work. You can catch me @louanncarroll or send me a friend request at

    🙂 Louann

  7. Beautiful pictures! Your children are adorable. I think I’d be really inspired to write where you camped. The sunset. Wow!

  8. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! I’m jumping up and down about the news about Ascendant. I can’t wait to see it published!

    Nice trip pictures, too, btw.

  9. Ciara says:

    That is amazing! I want to camp there. We do a lot of cup scout camping. 🙂