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So I had an amazing time at my first ever Women’s Fiction Writers Retreat! As I said in my last post, it was amazing meeting, connecting, and talking writing and books with so many fantastic writers.

I’m already looking forward to going again next year.

But that is a whole year away and Monday found me up, bright and early, trying to get some writing in before heading back to work for the week. And I did, but man, not nearly as many words as I cranked out while away.

This is the ongoing challenge, keeping the new book progressing and growing in my off hours while the bulk of my days are spent working in a profession that requires 250% of my headspace. Like many other writers who also work jobs, I often come home so exhausted at the end of the day, all I want to do is sit in silence and stare into space.

Or nap. I love naps even though waking up from them feels like trying to raise myself from the dead.

But I’m now on a bit of a roll with the new book–thanks to the retreat–and it’s always easier to keep a writing habit in motion that to try to coax it up and to the keyboard from a weeks long hibernation.

In other news: I had an article featured on Women Writers, Women’s Books. Go check it out!

Also, Tuesday my editor sent me an email that basically said, “So um…that question I asked you in your copy edits letter that you didn’t address…”

And I replied, “Oh…right.”

So I fixed that. But only after I placed a call to my ex-chief of police uncle who DID NOT tell me what I wanted to hear, but reaffirmed that, yes, I needed to make the change because there was no way the gun was going to end up where it did. So, lest I wanted to look like a fool…

And I try to not do that, at least not when it’s avoidable.

So I dug back into my copyedits and changed everything pertaining to the gun being in a place it could and would not be.

So to sum up: Back from retreat and trying to hang onto writing mojo, back at work and trying to not burn myself up from both ends every day, had an article published, and making last minute copyedits in a hurry before Her Perfect Life heads out to the printer for ARCs.

Did I mention it’s only Wednesday??

Post Retreat, Back at Work, Keeping Sane…mostly

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