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Random Question on a Tuesday:

On random question day, I spin the dial on a question generator and vow to answer, honestly, the first question that pops up.

Today’s question: What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Becky’s answer: What day is it?


 How am I feeling? Am I happy?

 Sad? Quiet? Maybe nostalgic?

 Am I filled with unexpressed rage today?

 Am I reverting and thinking the thinks and feeling the feels of eighteen year old Becky?

Am I writing? Because if I’m writing then I’m listening to the same Bach pieces over and over and over again. (They have become like a behavior trigger for me–no joke. When Concerto for Piano in D minor I. Allegro starts playing, I start writing!)

 Am I remembering my childhood?

 Or maybe I’m just hanging with some really cool friends

 Basically, I like music…period.

How about you? Tell me about a really cool song you love.

Whistle through your teeth and spit–it’s okay.

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