Since being off of social media for these last few weeks it’s like there’s been new space cleared up inside my head. I have long suspected while never fully realizing how much the constant noise of the collective chatter on social media had taken up residence in my day to day thinking.

Which maybe doesn’t seem like a big deal until you realize that everything in your life: your own thoughts, behavior, desires, goals are born out of your thoughts.

How much of what we do, believe, work toward is infiltrated by the this constant chatter of others? Do we even know if what we think we want is born from our own wishes for our lives? Or is it some amalgamation of what we think we want overlaid by the pursuits and accomplishments of someone we admire?

And why is it we admire them anyway? Really.

I’m not sure I have able been able to answer these questions truthfully because I’ve never really allowed myself the silence and space to remember who is was I once wanted to be. And why I wanted to be it.

Anyway, in case you’re wondering, leaving social media is not something I’m regretting so far. There seems to be more time (for obvious reasons) but also loads more head space and a sense of working from a center of myself that I’d almost forgot ever existed in the first place.

The Spaces In My Head

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