I had a virtual chat with an author friend the other night. Which was lovely even if the mood was somber and we struggled to find joyous topics right now.

But I expect that is to be expected, right?

Anyway, one topic that came up was the difficulty of thinking about, or planning for, the future right now. Normally, I love looking forward to a new year and all the goals I’ll set for myself and my career.

Right now? I for one find it really hard to wrap my head around what I’ll be doing in six months.

One weird side-effect of 2020 is the absolute necessity of living day-to-day. Every day there is this sense that the world, my life, could be radically different (and probably not in a good way) than it was when I woke up.

For better or worse, this really has forced the “live in the present” mentality to move beyond being a meditation goal and into an actual way of life.

Because what other choice do we have? Live on your toes, bob and weave, fall down, get back up, live to fall over another day.

Still, I know I have hope. At least a little bit because I wrote down some vague goals for 2021. They’re not measurable, and definitely not SMART, but they are some things to look forward to. Some things to try and accomplish in the new year.

It may be hard to imagine right now, but the future is still coming. I’m working on focusing it into a positive form.

Thinking About the Future?