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What I Did Last Summer Fact or Fiction Blog Hop!

I am participating in the WHAT I DID LAST SUMMER FACT OR FICTION BLOG HOP! Hosted by Emily King and Melodie Wright.  So what is this? Basically I’ve written a short little story below and you need to determine if it is Fact or Fiction and leave your vote in the comments. On Wednesday September 5th I will be posting another story that will be another fact or fiction story (the vice versa of my either fact or fiction posted below.) And commenters should make their best guess about which one is true and which is a dirty writer lie. On September 7th, I’ll tell you which was which.

Last summer my family and I traveled to Oahu. It was the first time we were taking our children who were six and eight. We were all looking forward to having a wonderful time relaxing on the beaches, playing in the hotel pools and seeing the sights of Hawaii.

Unfortunately for the plane ride over our flight was cancelled and customer service agents had to scramble to place over three hundred passengers onto other flights. As a result, we all ended up with middle seats spread across three rows. When we boarded the plane one passenger was kind enough to give up his aisle seat so that we could at least have two seats together. Since we only had one portable DVD player for the kids to share, we decided to let them sit together and I would sit in the row right behind them.

The kids started off well but soon became fidgety and bored with the inflight movie, RANGO, that failed to capture their attentions. It wasn’t long before they began messing with the seat recliner buttons, talking loudly, wanting things from the packed bags over our heads, and generally annoying everyone, including myself, who sat within two rows of us. When I checked my watch, I was completely distraught to see that we still had three and a half hours of flight time left! In an attempt to find something to occupy them, I grabbed my backpack from under the seat in front of me and took out the snacks I had packed, two sandwich sized baggies of goldfish.

This worked for about two minutes.

Next thing I knew they were tossing the goldfish at each other and trying to catch them in their mouths. I thought the man sitting in the window next to them was going to implode! I stood up for what seemed like the hundredth time and told them to, “knock it off,” in the scariest mom voice I could muster. That was when my daughter threw one more goldfish into her brother’s mouth.

Furious, I got out of my row and crouched down in the aisle next to her so I could give her a good telling off. That’s when I noticed violent convulsions coming from my son’s seat next to her. He was trying to stand up with his seat belt still on and his face was turning a terrifying shade of blue. Before I had even fully registered what was happening, the man sitting next to my son unbuckled both their seat belts, walked over both children, pushed me out of the way, grabbed my son and began performing the Heimlich maneuver on him in the narrow aisle. Agonizing moments passed while I watched my son’s body racked by the man’s attempts to save his life. I started screaming for help but before anyone could even respond, my son was throwing up all over the floor and the seats of the passengers who had moved out of the way.

After we determined that my son was stable and that Oahu would have the nearest medical facility for him to be properly checked at, the man who saved us from disaster gladly gave up his window seat for the remainder of the flight so that I could sit with both kids who behaved like perfect angels the rest of the way.

19 Responses to What I Did Last Summer Fact or Fiction Blog Hop!

  1. Oh my gosh! I hope that’s fiction, but I have a feeling it’s partly true. If it is, I doubt your kids will ever live it down!

  2. ilima says:

    Oh boy. That would’ve been terrifying. Eep. Can’t wait to read Wednesday’s story.

  3. Wow. I have my own terrifying tale of taking a toddler to Mexico (WORST parenting story ever) but this one is almost as bad. I’m hoping this one isn’t true…
    We went to Oahu a few years ago – just hubs and I. It was a blast!

  4. Oh, Wow. I bet that was scary. If it’s true? Can’t wait to find out.

  5. Wow – intense! I can’t decide if this is fact or fiction….good thing I’m holding off my official votes until I read both stories. Glad to hear your son is okay….if that actually happened. 😉

  6. Tara Tyler says:

    i cant imagine that bad of a set of circumstances! ah! will give answer on wed to see next story, looking forward to it.

  7. Holy cow! That’s just too scary. And it sounds like it scared the devil out of your kids–pun intended.

    Good thing that man knew what to do. Did your son throw up on him?

  8. I’m going to say true. Hope I’m wrong, though. What a scary thing to go through!

  9. Wow! I hope that is fiction.

  10. Daniel says:

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  11. Jess says:

    Ooo, good story! As a mommy, this scared me too much to vote for Fact, so I choose FICTION.

  12. Aidyl Ewoh says:

    Wow! What a story. Wow… I’m going to say Fact. ~Aidyl

  13. What a story. I am going to guess fact. I am a mom and I was actually experiencing your panic and fear as I read it. Of course that just means that you are a good storyteller, but I still think it has a ring of truth . I look forward to reading your next one.

  14. Oh my gosh, that’s horribly scary. I hope it isn’t true! I’m going to wait until I read your other one to make up my mind, though.

  15. Shell Flower says:

    Wow. This is the kind of story that makes you not want to travel. I do hope it’s not true, but it is written in a way that make me think it IS true.

  16. Robin says:

    Oh man, I hope this one isn’t true. I’m thinking goldfish dissolve pretty fast, so I’m going for false. If it is true, I’m so sorry. But at least at the end you got to see Hawaii:)

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