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  • I finished the first draft of my next book! I haven’t 100% settled on a title yet, but I have a few ideas. I have been considering running a reader survey for the titles I’ve been considering–so maybe more on this later

In spite of this summer being closed, we did manage to get the kids up to the mountains for a quick getaway. We rented a cabin at the River Run RV and Camping Resort in Granby, Colorado. As they’re getting older (senior and junior this year!) it hard not to feel like we’re running out of time with them. It’s so true what they say about motherhood: The days are long, but the years are short. Sometimes I look at them and I just can’t believe how grown up they are! Here are a few pictures from that trip.

Me and Beth waiting on dinner from the Summit Bar and Grill
The views!
And of course, we had to stop at Beau Jo’s Pizza in Idaho Springs on our way home! And yes, the spoiled dogs sat on our laps while we ate!

I realize it’s only August 17th, but this is definitely the time when I usually start feeling like it’s the end of summer. I’m sure this is because my season cycle has always been tied to the school year, first as a child, and now as someone who works in public education. But also, the mornings and evenings are a bit cooler, and every so often, I catch that scent of autumn in the air.

But this year, I’m trying harder to hang on to that sense of summer for a bit longer–even though I am heading back into work at the school this week. I want to remember to find time to sit outside, lie on my lounger, and enjoy the green and flowers for as long as they last.

Even now, I’m writing this from the sunlounger in my backyard instead of my office inside.

I guess I don’t feel quite ready to jump full swing back into the hectic crush of the school year. Or maybe, I just want to remember to try and keep the busyness balanced with those quiet moments of being present and remembering to enjoy my fricking life.

One of my big goals for this year is to not allow myself to get so completely swept up in the intensity of the year. So, fingers crossed.

  • This Wednesday I’m posting an author interview with Finola Austin. Her debut novel, Bronte’s Mistress just released! So please remember to come back for that!
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