With The Secret Next Door now back with my editor for second round edits, a new book idea has planted itself in my head.

I was reluctant to start this new book for some reason but I didn’t really know why.

Maybe I was a little tired from just finishing The Secret Next Door?

Maybe I was a little burned out from my day job?

Maybe it was because I was scared to commit to a new book.

All of this was true. But I think it was also because when I start a new book, there is a lot of thinking and planning for the future of that book that gets baked into the process.

As we close out 2020 it’s been difficult to think and plan for the future. I’m looking forward to 2021, I have hope that things will get better and better–a little more every month.

But it’s true that right now, nothing yet seems solid. So when I envision a future that includes a potential new book finding its place, the image is still fuzzy at best.

However, the book has begun anyway. In hope and faith.

Which is actually how any book ever really gets written anyway.

Writing a New Book
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