I got about ten thousand words into my new book and decided to make a switch.

I have always written the majority of my books on my computer (and specifically in Scrivener, which I love). From time to time, I would write a scene in longhand if I had an idea while somewhere random without my computer but the bulk of the writing happened with a screen and keyboard.

Just lately though, I find it difficult to make myself sit in front of my computer screen outside of my day job hours. Additionally, I find that my eyes are feeling pretty fried up all the time because of excessive screen use.

It has helped tremendously getting off of social media since I’m no longer tempted to pull my phone from my pocket every five seconds to see what new nonsense I may be missing. But when I think about sitting for more long hours (beyond the long hours I already spend staring at a screen at work) I just can’t.

So I started writing the next chapter in my new book in a notebook. With a pen. Which is obviously a completely different experience from getting into the flow state at my desk but was rather enjoyable just the same.

Plus, my eyes felt like I was giving them a vacation.

So we’ll see how long it lasts. Maybe I’ll only be able to stand writing this way for a few chapters, or maybe the whole book will get finished this way.

Who knows?

Writing My New Book Longhand
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