As you may have guessed from my Monday post, I’m sometimes behind the curve with regards to the latest and greatest reads. I generally buy many of the most buzzed-about books in any given year but they often sit on my shelves, side table, or every other horizontal surface in my house waiting for the stars to align between us.

I own books enough for my lifetime and the next. But I LOVE to buy them and have faith I will eventually get to them.

I usually do.

Many book clubs, including mine, are looking for the titles to fill their 2021 calendar. May I suggest Her Perfect Life? I will say, I really did have book clubs in mind when I wrote it. It’s a page-turner for the busy reader but doesn’t skimp on the rich character development and emotional depth.

Testimonial from one of my five star Amazon reviews: T. Crane “This book should be on every book club list to read.”

So if you’d like to add it to yours this year, here’s the link to my publisher’s page with all retailer options.

And, if your book club does decide to read it and you would like me to show up virtually to join you, send me an email: and we’ll get it scheduled.

From my publisher:

“Will command readers’ attention and hearts with this engrossing tale of two very different sisters.”-Library Journal 

“I couldn’t put it down!”-Shelley Noble, New York Times bestselling author 

“I was captivated until the very end!”-Courtney Cole, New York Times Bestselling Author 

“It felt like sneaking a read of someone’s fascinating private diary–and being completely powerless to put it down.”-A.G. Henley, USA Today bestselling author

“Compulsively readable from the first page. -Kelly Simmons, author of One More Day and Where She Went

A page-turner that keeps the reader wanting more until the very last page.”-Alison Hammer, author of You and Me and Us

“A beautifully written and intricate novel”- Anita Kushwaha, author of Secret Lives of Mothers and Daughters

Reclusive Clare Collins crafts her novels like she crafts her life: perfectly. So the world is stunned when the famous author is found dead on the beach from a self-inflicted gunshot — the morning after her latest book hits the shelves.

Her sister, Eileen, is at a loss. Clare led a charmed life: success, mansions, money…why would she throw it all away? But while reading through her sister’s latest–and greatest–novel, Eileen discovers a clue that unravels the fiction and reveals the painful truth. Suddenly, the life that Eileen had envied doesn’t seem so sparkling . . .

Her Perfect Life is a page-turning debut that reminds us that no matter the success, everyone has secrets. And some are more devastating than others.

Book Club Read: Her Perfect Life
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