My house is quiet. Which, after the last several days of cooking, eating, drinking, indulging, and general merry-making, feels like a decadent, meditative indulgence.

With my husband back at work, my daughter back to her swim practices, my son outside testing his new electric longboard, and the dogs crashed out on the couch in the front room, there is only the soft rush of the furnace and silence all around me.

It is nothing short of a heavenly relief for my introverted little soul.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoying hosting Christmas at my house, because I do. If I didn’t, well then, I would never offer in the first place. But when it’s done, I also love when the last guest leaves, and the ornaments are packed, and my grocery list can go back to the basics.

You may have already guessed that, even though it’s only the 28th, my house is completely back to the everyday business in normal dress. There isn’t even an evergreen scented candle left. I have friends and family who don’t pack up right away, they like to let Christmas hang well into the new year. I think for many of them they are truly sorry to see the season go. Personally, I love the fresh start feel of a new year and I like to start it off with a clean, Christmas clutter free house. Somehow it makes me feel more ready for whatever new experiences may be heading my way.

Goodbye 2018
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