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It’s September first, which is a big deal in my house because it happens to be both my husband’s and son’s birthday. It’s also now officially the month when I can sink fully into that fall feeling, especially at home in Colorado (even though I happen to currently be in a state that is still insisting on having temperatures over 100 degrees…come on Texas, this is silly.)

So what is going on with me? Health wise I’ve been on a zero alcohol kick for the last two weeks. I do this at least once or twice a year for a month or more. I love my wine, but honestly when I do these little detoxes it is AMAZING how much better I feel physically, cognitively, and emotionally. It’s gotten to the point where I realize even having a single glass of wine can significantly effect my mood and motivation the next day. I know it’s not like this for many people–maybe it just effects me more? Anyway, as I always wonder when I do this–would life just be so much better without alcohol ever? Probably…but damnit, I do love sipping a big fat cabernet especially when the weather turns cold.

In the fun/career category, I’ll be heading out to Chicago in a little under three weeks for the WFWA (women’s fiction writers) tenth anniversary conference. I’m so excited to mix and mingle with fellow writers in person again. It’s been a while since I’ve gone to a conference (the last was the ITW Thriller Writers conference in June of 22). It’s always a relief to sit down with other people who IMMEDIATELY just know the crazy ins and outs of this life and business. I’m very lucky to have amazing family and friends who will ask questions and are interested in what I do–but there really isn’t a substitute for connecting with people who are also living this weird life. Commiseration loves company, and all that.

As for my traveling life, things are finally starting to slow down a bit with the end of summer. As I mentioned earlier, I’m currently in Texas (San Antonio to be specific). It’s the last day of a three day trip for me. Today I fly SAT-DEN-SAN-DEN and I’ll get home tonight around midnight. I miss Rod and Matthew’s actual birthday, but we’re planning on going out for breakfast tomorrow morning and we also have reservations for a family dinner in downtown Denver next weekend. I don’t eat a lot of red meat, but I will indulge in a perfect filet mignon about twice a year–and almost always on their birthday. Imagine how hard it will be to NOT order that fat cabernet to go along with that beautiful steak–hmmm, we’ll see what happens.

In book news, I will say my furious writing pace for the last couple of weeks has slowed a little just recently. While writing yesterday in my hotel in Newark, I just crossed the 34,000 word mark. I had originally hoped to have a rough draft of this book completed by the end of August. I’ve now set my sights on mid September. I would REALLY love to have it done before I head out to Chicago for the conference–hmmm, we’ll see what happens 😂

And I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again in case you missed it–thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed Once Upon a Lie. It’s been so well received and this has really encouraged me to continue with my indie publishing plans. It was a leap to leave my agent and the continual grind of traditional publishing over this past year. I can truthfully report that I’m so much happier, optimistic, and consequently, PRODUCTIVE, since leaving all the angst behind. It’s so liberating to just write the books YOU WANT, publish them, and actually enjoy it all again. Life is so short, and I’m probably at least halfway through mine–happy is my number one priority from here on out.

Until next week.

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