Hi friends! About a week ago I decided to pull the trigger on something I’ve been mulling over for months.

I quit social media.

Specifically Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I do still have my few videos up on YouTube (I haven’t decided if I’ll let that go just yet.)

I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal but since then I’ve received emails and text messages from friends worrying over a variety of concerns:

Had I blocked them?


Was I sick?


Was I apart of some social media drama/scandal?


Was I dead?

Also, no.

So I thought I should maybe write a quick blog post to explain that I was just tried of wasting so much time on social media. It had become fairly addictive and I realized I was sort of spending the hours of my finite life here on Earth doing something that had ceased to bring me any real joy or true value.

Also, I was getting kind of freaked out by the number of times I would be TALKING about something IRL and then see ads for that EXACT THING (that I had NEVER searched for) in either the Facebook or IG ads.

Which brings me to the ads–which has become the entire point of social media, to buy your eyeballs.

So will this impact my writing career? Probably. But weirdly, I care less about that than I do about disentangling myself and my life from these personal data mines.

Again…I’m not dead. Also, I don’t hate you and haven’t blocked you.

I Quit Social Media

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